Food and Nutrition

by Powell

Below consists of questions obtained from a 2012 CXC past paper.

Define the term over ”nutrition”

Identify TWO signs of overnutrition

State ONE condition associated with a deficiency EACH of the following minerals



Define the term ‘blanching’

Outline Four benefits of preserving food

Food manufactures usually packed some foods in containers lined with aluminum foil

Give an example of ONE such food

Suggest ONE reason why food manufacturers carry out this practice

Ron needs your advice in order to select the best quality mangoes to make Jam

Outline THREE guidelines that may be helpful to him

Suggest why EACH guideline given above is important

Describe how Ron should carry out the ‘plate test(wrinkle) ‘ OR flake test to determine when the Jam mixture is ready for bottling

You have been asked to prepare a variety of cakes for the sweet stall for your annual school fair

List THREE method of cake making that can be used for making the cakes

State ONE function of EACH of the following in cake making


butter or margarine


State TWO sweet dishes, OTHER than cakes where eggs are used as the main ingredient

Explain TWO principles involved in the transfer of heat when cakes are being baked

You have decided to include ice cream, using a cornflour/cornstarch base, as an item for the sweet stall. State FOUR steps in the preparation of the cornstarch base to ensure a smooth ice cream

Outline TWO functions of the following Nutrients




Name THREE nutrients present in brown rice that make it more nutritious than white rice

State the difference between a ‘menu’ and ‘ main’ course

Define EACH of the following terms

comparative shopping

impulsive buying

Sally has decided to omit meat and meat products from her diet. However, she still continues to use animal foods

Suggest TWO possible reasons for Sally’s change in diet

Discuss TWO health benefits of consuming such a diet

Plan an appropriate two-course meal for Sally

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