English Literature

by Powell

The Taming of the shrew

Considering the beginning of the Petruchio / Katherina plot ( Act 1 scene 1)

Stae what we learn of Baptista in this initial scene

show how Katherina is presented

Discuss Lucentio’s role in this opening scene

An important moment in The Taming of the Shrew is when Petruchio and Katherina meet for the first time.

What approach does Petruchio assume in the meeting?

What is Katherina’s response to Petruchio’s approach?

Discuss the significance of this meeting.



Explain why Romeo flees to Mantua

explain how Romeo banishment affects Juliet

Outline the plan devised by Friar Lawrence for Romeo and Juliet as a solution to their problem


The opening scene is a fast-paced and crucial one. With this scene in mind.

Describe what happens until the prince arrives

Describe Romeo’s behaviour when he first appears on stage.E

Explain the dramatic significance of the opening scene

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