Physical Education and Sports Question

by Powell

National Governing body had the role of organizing developmental matches to prepare the teams for competition. They also have the role of ensuring that players were well equipped with the necessary gear. Organizing and selecting volunteers and assisting with parking and transportation to and from the matches is also their responsibility

The regional governing body {WIB} were responsible for ensuring cricket sport facilities were up to date and well equipped for hosting events the regional governing body also had the role of advertising and doing necessary to attract regional spectators to the events. The regional governing body is also responsible of the opening and closing of the ceremony, assist in finding suitable accommodation for players, officials and even visitors.

International Governing body is responsible for creating and enforcing rules and for choosing the various countries that host the match. ICC IS solely responsible for such as the anti doping protocols at matches and chairing the organizing committee. Being Responsible for tickets and prizes, also security for the players and matches, negotiating televisions and broadcasting rights and awarding contracts.

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