Science 2011 Question 6

by Powell

Aluminum: : there would be frizzing in the tube the temperature may raise. vigorous reactions will rake place. Hydrogen gas will be produces. If the metal had oxide, it will be removed after placing with sulphuric acid,. and the aluminim will be shiny

iron : a slight reaction will take place . There will be slight frizzing. A small amounts of hydrogen gas will be produces. If the iron was rusted the metal will be shiny.

Copper: there will be no reaction taken place, since the copper is the lowest in reactivity series it is the least reactive metal.

b} Ensure that the Aluminum and Sulphuric acid do not touch any part of the body this is a very strong reaction. If it toucher body cells, tissues and parts they become damaged.

place the test tube away from the face when holding fumes given out from the reaction may be toxic and when inhaled may be dangerous to the body

C.} Sodium and potassium are high in the reactivity series. As such they are very reactive. Reacting them with sulphuric acid may be very dangerous and explosive, it may cause damages to body parts etc. as such the two metals should not reacted with the acid

D. if they do no not paint the windows, it will result. Iron when reacted with oxygen will oxide and form a layer of flaky red-brown color, called rust. Since the Smith family have their house by the beach side, the iron windows will rust faster because the salt in the beach water will act as a catalyst as such rapid reaction will take place faster.

To prevent rusting, the contractor asked the Smith family to paint the windows. As soon as possible. The paint will act as a protective layer for the iron as such the oxygen water and catalyst {sea salt water} will not come readily into contact with the iron window. Rusting will not take place.

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