by Powell

Write in SPANISH the information required for EACH of the situations given below. DO NOT write more than ONE sentence for each situation. For some situations, a complete sentence may not be necessary. DO NOT translate the situations given. DO NOT use abbreviations.


You will be arriving in a country on a certain date. Write the e-mail that you send to your host providing two details of your arrival

The Spanish club’s has meeting was very boring. Write the note you give to the Club President suggesting two interesting activities for the next meeting

You send a note to your neighbour promising to do something for her while she is away on vacation. Write the note that you send.

You are reserving a hotel room online. Write the e-mail requesting two things you would like to have in your room.

Write the text message you send to your best friend mentioning something that happened at graduation and how you feel about it

Write a note to your sister giving her permission to use something that belongs to you.

Your teacher leaves a note warning the class of two things they must not do when she is out of the classroom. Write the note she leaves.

Your father is overseas. Write the e-mail you send him insisting on something he must do before he returns home.

You need to wake up to study. Write the note you leave for your mother asking her to wake you up at that particular time.

You no longer study a particular subject. Write the e-mail you send to your teacher informing her of this and the reason for your decision

Use 80-100 words to complete the dialogue between a television host and Ricky, by giving Ricky’s response

Ricky, a popular young singer being interviewed on televison

Responses to ALL of the cues listed below MUST be included in the dialogue


How he was introduced to music

How he became professional

How fame has affected his lifestyle

Advice he gives to younger singers

Attach this INSERT to your answer booklet

Entrevistador: Buenos dias, Ricky como estas


Entrevistador: Muy bien. Mucho gracias por darme esta entrevista


Entrevistador : Dime por favor como te sientos ahora que famous

Ricky __________________________________________________________

Entrevistador : Entones, cuando empezaste a cantar?


Entrevistador : Como empezo tu carrera musical?


Entrevistador :ahora,tu eres un cantante conocido. fue facil hacerte famoso ?


Entrevistador : Que premios has ganado en tu carrera proffessional?


Entrevistador : Que consejos darias a los jovenes que quieren ser cantantes?


Entrevistador : muchas gracias por tu tiempo y buena suerte.

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