Caribbean History

by Powell

Caribbean political development up to 1995

The series of popular protests involving strikes and riots which characterized the British Caribbean in the 1930s led to the appointment of the Moyne Commission

Asses the effects of any FIVE of the recommendations of the Moyne Commission on the political development of the region

Examine the reasons for the collapse of the British West Indies Federation in 1962. you are required to argue at least FIVE points from any TWO of the following terms




Caribbean society 1900-1985

Examine the state of working and health conditions of working men and women in the Caribbean in the 1930s. You are required to consider FIVE conditions, at least TWO from each area.

Discuss THREE missionary efforts to convert people from their Hindu, Muslim and African religious to believe to Christianity, and TWO reasons for the limited success of these efforts

Caribbean Economy and slavery

List FOUR Western Europeans nations which were directly involved in the trade of enslaved Africans on the West Africa coast in the 1600s

Give THREE reasons for the small number of enslaved Africans in the Caribbean before 1600.

Examine THREE reasons which the French and British colonist gave for their increased importation of Africans after 1700.


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