Home Economic

by Powell

State the meaning of EACH of the following terms


Work ethic





List THREE reasons why families should prepare a budget

List THREE guidelines for wise spending of money

Describe TWO factors which help to determine family wants and needs

Give ONE example of EACH factor that determines family wants and needs described above

Describe EACH of the following terms


Resources of management


Define EACH of the following terms and give ONE example of each


Traffic areas in the home

Name and describe the SECOND and THIRD stages of the life cycle of a nuclear family.

The Jackson family always pays their water bill on time without prior notice. their community has been without tap water for the past week. As a result, the family has been using rainwater stored in a drum/tank outside

Identify the TWO consumer rights which have been violated in this case

Suggest TWO actions the Jacksons should take as responsible consumers to rectify the problem.

Describe TWO processes the family can carry out to make the rainwater they have stored safe for drinking

List THREE benefits of work

State THREE different factors that can influence a person’s level of preparation for a career

List THREE functions of the family

List THREE ways of legally acquiring housing in your country

List THREE methods by which potable water can be obtained for use in the home

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