Story Writing

by Powell

Story Writing. A story is basically a narrating of real or imaginary events, involving real or imaginary people. A story needs to be represented in words necessarily. Even images or moving pictures (movies) can narrate a story. A story is generally designed to entertain, and/or send a message across.

Write a story based on the following words

‘he looked nervously around him and decided that the time was right it was now or never.

Wake up! Wake up! His father’s voice roared down on him. It’s your big day. The sun peeped through the curtains as Roy got up, fixed the place and, made a cup of tea with a peanut butter sandwich.  Get moving! Get moving son! His father shouted. He then dashed out of the house and began to start his journey. Good morning! He shouted waving and smiling at the neighbors.  After 10 minutes of hard walking and sweating, Roy finally reached his destination.

       He strolled along the pathway, blue trousers with a sleeveless shirt tucked in an enormous black pointed mouth shoe, muscular figure, an oval face, coarse hair almond shape nose tanned skin with a metallic voice. He peered in the cloudless sky as it scorches his skin, hibiscus fragrance in the air.

“has the audition started yet’’ he asked a man in a dark blue shirt and trousers plotting the garden.

‘’yes! It will be ending in 60 minutes’’.  The man replied.

Thank you, sir, he exclaimed.  Then there came along the captain of the basketball team Ryan with his friend Josh and Jake.

Hey, loser! What are you doing here?

 I’m sitting here until I’m ready to go to my audition.

Your audition, Ryan chuckled with his friends. You look like a baby in a diaper, there is no way you will be qualified,

Ryan exclaimed as he walked away.

He looked nervously around him and decided that the time was right it was now or never. I have been working for this throughout the summer. He whispered to himself.  “ I need this, I need this!’’ he shouted as he bolted off smiling.

      He then signed up for the audition, waited couple minutes to see if his name will be on the list. After  15 minutes of waiting. Roy Brown a tall figure man shouted. Thank you for coming, we loved your skilled and style we will like to have you on our team. Thank you, sir,  he replied  smiling and went off home

My first hurricane experience

I was at home preparing a meal for my grandfather. Beep, beep a sound came from the phone. Beep beep the sound came from the phone again I gazed at it. It was a message alert about a hurricane named ‘’ helpful test’’ at a category 6 level. Persons were batoning down their windows, running in the street going to the grocery store and cutting trees near the house.

       At the moment I was plotting the garden as the lightning struck the tar-black sky. A meow sound echo from the hills.  Suddenly the rain came down phut, phut, phut the sound ripen nut makes when they hit the ground.  It was like a Toyota car at its maximum speed of 180km/h. my ears felt as if they were burst. The trees bend, creak and squeak as their limb falls to the ground and leaves not confetti but like ammunition in the air. Little streams raced through the empty street, with her chocolate brown hair.  I became petrified because my grandfather who is visually impaired and I was home.

   A sound came from the back door, it was an old man named Charlie barefooted in a cloak with a stick asking for shelter, I opened the door let him inside, and prepared something for him and me to eat. 16 hours and the rain was still here. ‘Tingy. Lingy. Ling’, my phone began to ring it was my mother asking if I was alright and that the road was blocked so she will not be able to come home until in the morning. The next morning I woke up persons was cleaning up their yard, and fixing the damage the hurricane as cause Charlie was terrified and confused as he opens his eyes no it was not a dream the hurricane was here I said to him. Later that day the road was cleared and my mother has arrived, We all sat laugh, and ate.

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