Persuasive writing

by Powell

Persuasive writing intends to convince readers to believe in an idea or opinion and to do an action. Many writings such as criticisms, reviews, reaction papers, editorials, proposals, advertisements, and brochures use different ways of persuasion to influence readers.

Below is an example of persuasive writing on the argument. Should students be allowed to take a cellphone to school? The article agrees with a student carrying a phone to school and has outline points on why a student should carry a phone to school.

Should students be allowed to take a cell phone to school?

Cell phones have become one of the world’s leading gadgets, almost every year, there is a new cell phone inventory and just like any other technology cell phone has its advantages and disadvantages. However, should we refrain students from taking cell phones to school? Let us look at some points that can be very helpful to why students should carry their cell phones to school.

Some students may have difficulty focusing on a specific task; listening to music sometimes helps a student to be more focused as not every student can concentrate or be attentive in a quiet space. Listening to music can help students with critical thinking and planning of a task. (Evidence)

Using educational learning apps

(Cell phones give students access to tools and apps that can help them complete and stay on top of their classwork. These tools can also teach students to develop better study habits, like time management and organizational skill)

Music brings harmony to life and with the use of earphones other students will not be distracted during the teaching session.

 However, students will be completing the required task effectively and efficiently. This is a fair chance!

Surely you would agree that technology makes learning more manageable. Watching videos will make a person understand information or a certain topic more precisely, even though a teacher’s main purpose is to administer information in a clear and understanding manner. Some students may find it difficult to interpret a certain concept, because of insufficient details, and misinterpretation. Each individual has different learning techniques. in which they learn best such as by audio, videos, practical, etc. These ways give a more vivid image to the mind of our young youth. I do not think on a whole cell phone interrupts one learning ability but rather on how one’s sees the responsibility of being educated. Some students believe that having a sustainable education is not necessary and this should not be misinterpreted with the usage of cell phones in school.

Gangs and violence are major factors in school before the cell phone was invented. Though some persons misused the advantage of using it by recording teachers, fights or any activities. I strongly believe with measures put in place schools will ensure these actions are not carried out. This includes only enabling students to use a cell phone when necessary, using a safe to lock away the phones when they’re not being used or not allowed to use for that class session.   

Apart from the benefit of a class task, the phone is essential for emergency purposes. As we have seen the epidemic about school children who have been missing for over the past 3 years. Allowing students to carry a phone to school will help them to be more secure and returning home safe if, at any time they find themselves in difficulties, they can call their parents or their parents can track their phone to see where they’re if it’s that they have not arrived from school by certain time.

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