Letter Writing

by Powell

Below is a formal letter (written to a school principal) and Informal letter (written to a friend)

A Letter written for a formal purpose is called a Formal letter. It addresses a serious issue. Example of a formal letter. Letter to the police, Business letter, Letter to the editor, etc.

A Letter written for an informal purpose is called an Informal letter. It is written for a casual purpose. Example of an informal letter. Letter to parents, Letter to classmates, Letter to siblings, etc.

Write a letter to a friend informing him/her about the changes that have taken place in your community over the past five years.


                                                                                              Ross Collon ,

                                                                                               Retlon P.O

                                                                                               St. Mary.

                                                                                              February 17, 2020.

My darling Halle,                                   

                                 I hope you are okay. For the last five years, my community has been developing. It is much more beautiful than before. Schools were established for teenagers who became pregnant early, had been in a gang and stopped from school from an early age. This is put in place, for persons to obtain a skill to support themselves and to eliminate gangs among delinquent teens. However, I had to comment on the disposal of garbage, it is exceptional. The clogging of drains and littering has ceased. People are taking better care of their surroundings. I hope you wish to visit soon. Take good care of yourself, I will keep in touch.

Your loving,

Helpful test

Write a letter of complaint to the principal of your school about the unsanitary condition of the school restroom.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ross Common

                                                                                                    St. Mary.

                                                                                                   February 17.2020

The Principal

Helpful Test High

Ocho Rios

St. Ann

Dear Miss Test,

                              I am sincere in writing this letter to you regarding the unsanitary condition of the restroom. The faucet is leaking which has flooded the floor, beside the face basin and around the toilet. However, use sanitary napkin is lined on the floor and is paste beneath the toilet bowl. Nevertheless, inside always has a foul odor. Measures need to be put in place, to properly sanitize it and to prevent bacteria which can transmit to women using this sanitary facility

        Yours Sincerely,

Helpful Test

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