Social Studies SBA on Street Children

by Powell

Below is an example of CXC Social Studies SBA on Street children




Candidate Name:  Helpful Test

School:  Boungberry High



Territory: Jamaica

Topic: What are the factors contributing to Children living on the street in my community of Boungberry?

Statement of Problem
Method of Investigation
Presentation of Data
Interpretation of Data

Firstly, I would like to thank God for carrying me throughout this School-Based Assessment (SBA). Secondly, the residents of boungberry for participating in completing questionnaires to gather the necessary data to complete this SBA on time.


The researcher has been living in the community of Boungberry for 14 years. During this time, the researcher has seen numerous children living on the street for reasons such as; Orphan, Physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse, homelessness, etc. I have therefore decided to survey to investigate this dilemma and see how it can resolve or decrease the number of children living on the street

Statement of problem

What are the causes children living on the street in the community of boungberry?

Method of investigation
In order to collect data from the survey, the researcher decided to use a printed questionnaires.. This provided a number of advantages which include

It could be done at any convenient time for the persons partaking in the survey

It guarantees confidentiality to respondents since no name is required.

very cost-effective when compared to face to face interview

less intrusive than telephone or face to face surveys

 Presentation and explanation of data
A total of 50 questionnaires were distributed to random residents of Boungberry
.All  questionnaires were returned.70% were females and  30% were males.

Dear community members,

This survey has been carried out in this community to determine why there is a high number of children living on the street. This study is being conducted as a School-based assessment (SBA) for a social studies course I am pursuing at present

You are advised to answer the following questions below using a tick to select your answer

Thank You

Your sincerely,

H. Test

1. What is your gender?

What age group do belong?
o40 and over

Do you have a job? yes no

 What is your occupation? _________________________________

5. What do you think about children living on the street?
Not getting enough parental guidance
That they should be counseled
They’re in gang
Theyre  abused in the home

6. What do you think are the causes of children living on the street?
Child Abuse
Problem in the home
Separation of Parents
Other ____________________

7. Do you think children living on the street are preventable? Yes No

8. How does the street affects the lifestyle of a child?

It makes them turn to gang and violence     
Engage in promiscuity
Makes them street smart
Other ________________

9. How do you think children eat?
 By begging

Eat from garbage bins


10. What do you think the government should do about the percentage of children living on the street?

Put them up for adoption

Provide foster home
Educate parents more about guidance as how to deal with their children in the home
Other ______________________________________

 Have you ever thought about adopting a child or children? Yes

13. What are some of the factors which would encourage you to adopt a street child?

Unable to have your own
To help uplift the development of the country
To provide a safe environment for the child
Other __________________________________________
(Please specify)

Would u show him/her equal treatment  if you adopt a child has if he/she was your own?




State reason for your answer ____________________________________________

Fig1: Percentage of respondents who would  do adoption
A 70% of the respondents answered that they do would adopt a child, while 30% of the people stated no they don’t believe in it.

Fig2: Pie-chart showing how street children eat food and drink on a daily basis  90% of the respondent that street children eat by begging while the remaining 10% answered that children look a work

Fig3 showing what are the causes of children living on the street
 50%the respondents stated poverty (30%)child abuse, (20%) state problem in the home

Fig4: how long  respondents reside in the area
it can be seen that (10%) of the respondent were between the ages of 17-23, (30%) were between the ages of 24-30, (20%) were between the ages 31-37 and (40%) of the respondents were over 40 years old.

Bar graph  showing how the street affects the lifestyle of a child?

70%  of respondents  suggest It makes them turn to gang and violenc 20%   state Engage in promiscuity  and 10% state it Makes them street smart

Interpretation of data
it was discovered that there are children living on the street in critical conditions the data collected was that they’re were children live under bridges (40%), others lived in abandoned buildings (30%) and there were children living and sleeping on the streets (30%). Children are on the streets as a result of non-parental guidance, problem in the home,  physical, and emotional abuse. These children have to get food by begging, working or from the garbage bins. The community members believe that the best way to prevent children from being on the streets is to start with better parental guidance and to government should intervene to place children in a facility

The findings from my investigation were that 30% of children living on the street were because of physical abuse and 60% of them obtained food by begging .


The healthy development of children is crucial to the future well-being of any society. They play a vital role in the constructive process of building unity, economic prosperity and political stability in a nation inclusively and democratically. 

Inorder for children living on the street to minimize the government should put measure into place and carryout ongoing investigations, ensure differrent personnel from different institutions come together and educate parents and community members about how best to care for a child. Members of the community can also help by contributing basic needs and/or money to the institution to which children are place or by adopting them if they can to do so…

The persons working in the foster care department should do regular checkups on the street to see if children are living on it it and immediately investigate what causes the child to be living on the street,,. The local government authority must commence a program to help the children the researcher also discovered that children living on the street turn to crime and violence to provide for their basic needs.. Crime is a major problem in our society..

Last but not least I hope to make a meaningful contribution to my community members by being a role model and mentor. I intend to do so by:

Create programs which will encourage them to grow their own food crops at home to provide an income for the

The government should broadcast information through the  following  media  :

  • Radio 
  • Billboards
  • Television
  • Newspaper

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