Example of Mathematics SBA ideas and Topic you can choose to create your SBA

by Powell

Example of mathematics SBA Topic you can choose to create your SBA. You can use other topics that are suitable for you.

  1. Are school children/Students consuming too much sugar? ​Modifications of this question could include
    1. How many sugary drinks do students consume daily?
    2. A comparison of the sugar per serving of a selected number of [fruit, soda, energy, flavored water] drinks ​​
    3. Does form A” compare to form B” students drink more sodas than fruit-based drinks?Does the height of the shooter affect the percentage of goals scored in a netball match?
  2.  Is the penalty spot the best place to shoot a penalty from on the football field?
  3.  Does the size of the ball used affect the number of goals scored in a netball match? [hint: try using netball, football, or volleyball to shoot goals and compare the results]
  4. Do drink companies give as much as they say they are? Here you can do a survey of different brands of juice, measure the volume in each box and compare with the number printed on the carton; a variant of this question could include measuring the mass of various products.
  5.  Is typing faster than writing?
  6.  How does the type of ball used affect the distance traveled when a cricket ball is hit?
  7. How much money do students spend daily? [survey]
  8. What is the preferred type of vehicle used for public transportation in my community? [Survey] 
  9. Do students of form XYZ spend more time on social media than on studying? [survey]

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