Social Studies CXC Paper 2 past paper questions

by Powell

Write an essay on the above topic. In your essay, define the term ‘economic integration’ in relation to CARICOM. Then state TWO possible factors that promote trade among CARICOM countries. Next, give TWO reasons why CARICOM countries may benefit from purchasing from one another.
Suggest THREE strategies, apart from trading with each other, that CARICOM countries may use to make economic integration more effective. Explain fully why EACH strategy you have suggested is likely to be successful.  

“Functional Co-operation within CARICOM: Natural Disasters Management”
Write an article for your school magazine on the above topic. Begin by stating TWO other areas of functional co-operation within CARICOM apart from disaster management. Next, identify TWO types of natural disasters that affect CARICOM countries. Give TWO reasons why a CARICOM country may experience difficulty providing assistance to member countries during or after a natural disaster.

Suggest giving full details, THREE actions that the Heads of Government Conference may take to prepare CARICOM countries for natural disaster management. Explain fully why EACH action you have suggested is likely to be successful.  

“Tourism Needs: Knowledgeable Workers and a Healthy Natural Environment.”

Write an essay on the above topic. In your essay state TWO factors which encourage secondary school leavers to seek employment in tourism. Next, state TWO factors which influence the sale of land for tourism development. Explain TWO ways in which a shortage of trained workers may affect the tourism industry in the Caribbean. Suggest, giving full details, THREE strategies which a government may use to reduce the negative effects of tourism development on the natural environment. Explain fully why EACH stratgey you have suggested is likely to be successful.  

A magistrate in the Family Court in your country has expressed concern over the number of teenagers appearing before the court, many of whom apparently lack parental guidance. 
Suggest to parents THREE ways in which they may develop the skills necessary to deal with their children.  Explain why EACH of the ways you have suggested is likely to be successful.   Use the following outline as a guide to answer the question.

Strategy 1

Justification 1

Strategy 2

Justification 2

Strategy 3

Justification 3 

Identify TWO family types, other than the single-parent family, which are found in the Caribbean.

List TWO social issues faced by children in Caribbean families.

Outline TWO reasons why parents may need guidance in dealing with teenagers.

Suggest THREE strategies a government can use to protect forest reserves.

Explain fully why EACH strategy suggested above is likely to be successful.

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