Biology CXC paper 2 past paper

by Powell

The questions below were obtained from a May 2012& 2016 past paper

Name TWO parts of the human digestive system where amylase found

Explain why the digestion of starch stops when food reaches the stomach

Name an enzyme which works best in the stomach

Amylase is also found in plants. Suggests THREE plant structure in which amylase may be found

How is starch produced in leaves converted to a substance which can be transported to other parts of the plant?

Give ONE benefit of the storage of starch in plants

Before food can be chemically digested by enzymes, it must first be mechanically broken down in the alimentary canal.

Name TWO parts of the alimentary canal that are responsible for the mechanical digestion of food.

Give TWO reasons why mechanical digestion of food is important

Explain the significance of chemical digestion

Define EACH of the following terms:




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