Physical Education and Sport CXC past papers questions

by Powell

Identify one food that is high in

saturated fats

unsaturated fats

Tissue damage occurs during exercise. Name the nutrient that is responsible for tissue repair

Health and Nutrition

what are nutrients?

State two reason why it is important to control the amount of body fat in the human body

Name an instrument that may be used in the classroom to measure body fat

Give TWO reasons why a person should not consume a heavy meal immediately before an exercise routine

Fibre is essential in the digestive system. Name TWO foods containing fibre.

Water is the single most important nutrient. Give THREE reason why this is so

An athlete is advised to eat more carbohydrates (energy-giving foods) . From the list below, select The Four foods that are HIGHEST in carbohydrate per kilogram


sweet potato





dark chocolate



State TWO function of water in the body

Where in the body sugar stored for later use?

Explain THREE factors that affect the energy or calorie needs of an individual

give THREE reasons for including fibre in your daily diet

Name THREE foods that are rich in fibre

Identify FIVE practices which a person can adopt to promote a healthy lifestyle

Young people who are going through puberty have special nutritional needs. Identify the THREE main minerals needed at this stage

List FOUR factors which could affect the nutritional needs of a teenager.

Fitness and Performance

List TWO reasons why a person should exercise

State ONE way to prevent dehydration while exercising

Identify TWO benefits of the cool-down activity at the end of a physical training session

Define the term ”flexibility’ as used in physical education and sport

Name TWO types of stretching

Name TWO types of minor sport injuries

Explain the ”Principle of overload” (law of overload)

Identify TWO measures that could be used to guard against heat-related conditions in the body

Name TWO components of skill-related fitness

In treating a Sprain to a footballer’s ankle the R.I.C.E. procedure was used. Describe the R.I.C.E. procedure as it relates to treating a sprained in the test

In a fitness test, Mary has been asked to complete the 5-metre Shuttle Run. State ONE component of fitness that is being measured in this test.

There are two types of motion, lineary and rotary . Give TWO examples of sports or activities in which rotary motion is used.

Social Issue

Give Two reasons why the government of a country should promote Physical Education and Sport

National teams usually benefit from sponsorship by large companies. State TWO ways in which a sponsor could assist a national team.

State Three ways in which the media can have a positive effect on sports

Suggest TWO reasons why stimulants, if misused by athletes, may be dangerous to their health.

All alcoholic drinks contain the chemical ethanol which makes people drunk. Explain TWO negative effects that drunkness from ethanol can have on the body.

As president of as ports club. you are asked to address a group of students on the benefits gained from participation in sports

State ONE of the benefits you would include in your address under EACH of the following headings

Physical benefits

Social benefits

Mental and moral benefits

Suggest TWO reasons for aggressive behavior in spectators at sporting events

Name ONE of the two sisters who have dominated the sport of tennis worldwide over the last decade

Name FOUR regional or international sport competitions

in which persons with disabilities can participate

Name ONE new drug that was recently banned for use in the field of sport and name the company that was involved

List TWO social and TWO physical adjustments that can be made to create a safe and comfortable environment that will allow persons with disabilities to participate in sporting activities

History and Development of Physical Education and sport

What is the name of the world body that is promoting ”drug free sport” at all international events through research, testing and education

State TWO social benefits of sport

State TWO reasons why Merlene Ottey can be described as the most influential outstanding female olympian in the English-speaking Caribbean

State TWO differences between sport and recreation

Some factors affecting participation in sport are:





tradition and culture

Explain any three of these factors

State FOUR benefits of participating in international sporting activities to athletes/sportspersons

Define the term ” Physical education

Identify THREE main problems associated with the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens

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