Human & Social Biology CXC Paper 2 Past-Papers Questions

by Powell

Compare the structure and function of veins and arteries.

How does the structure of the right chambers of the heart (the atrium and ventricle) relate to the functions of the right chambers?

State ONE characteristic of living things which is common to both plants and animals and ONE characteristic which is NOT common to both plants and animals.

Describe the structure of a plant cell.

Explain the importance of EACH of the following processes to the growth of plant



Active transport

What feature of the structure of a leaf makes it suitable for diffusion to occur?

State TWO Functions of bone in the human body

What is the function of cartilage in the human body

Plants also need oxygen to function

Explain the process by which oxygen is produced by green plant

Name the Organisms that caused Aids

State TWO ways by which the disease are spread

Suggest Two ways in which a person Diagnosed with AIDS can treat or manage the disease

People suffering from AIDS are at greater risk of contracting an infectious disease like tuberculosis

suggest why this is so

Caribbean governments are concerned about the impact of AIDS on society

Outline TWO social and TWO economic impacts of AIDS

State what is a reflex action

State TWO differences between a reflex and a voluntary action

What is lymph?

Describe how lymph is formed

what is anaerobic respiration?

complete the word equation

glucose + __________ —) _______________+ water + energy

List two factors that affect the rate of breathing

Digestion is the process whereby food is broken down into smaller pieces\

State ONE function of EACH of the following in the stomach

Hydrochloric acid



in which organ of the body is bile produced and what is the function of bile in digestion?

Bile is produced in the liver, bile contains bile acids, which are critical for digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine. Many waste products, including bilirubin, are eliminated from the body by secretion into bile and elimination in feces.

Your friend complaint that she has not had a bowel movement for a few days. you suspect that she’s constipated. Explain to your friend.

Why feces are said to be egested and not excreted

What occurs in the colon to cause constipation

THREE effects of constipation

THREE ways to ease constipation

What is ” diabetes mellitus”?

Name the TWO types of diabetes mellitus.

Name the hormone which, when deficient, causes diabetes mellitus.

Why is the pancreas considered as both endocrine gland and exocrine gland

An exocrine gland delivers its product through a duct and an endocrine gland delivers its product to the bloodstream. The pancreas has both. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone is involved in the regulation of both the testes and the ovaries.

Gastroenteritis is caused by typhoid, cholera and amoebic dysentery

Complete the following sentences by writing the correct word from the list given in brackets below

(damage, pain, lungs, intestine, bacterium, virus)

Gastroenteritis result from___________________ to the walls of the stomach______________and by inflammation

Typhoid is caused by ______________________

Your friend indar, has dengue fever which is caused by a pathogen, and the doctor says that he needs a lot of fluid and rest

A pathogen is a disease-causing organism. for example, a virus or bacterium. How is a vector different from a pathogen

Identify the pathogen and vector for Indar disease(dengue fever)

Suggests TWO symptoms of the dengue fever which Indar may be experiencing

What is meant by the term ” drug abuse?

Name TWO commonly abused legal(social) drugs in the Caribbean

A woman who smoked gives birth to a small baby, who dies within one week of its birth.

Suggest how smoking causes babies to be smaller than normal

Nicotine passes across the placenta barrier to the foetus. Describe the effect of nicotine on infants

Name ONE OTHER way nicotine may be passed to an infant from the mother

Suggests TWO effects of alcohol consumption on the foetus

Breastfeeding is the recommended nutrition for babies

What form of immunity is passed from the mother to the baby by breast milk?

Suggest TWO possible effects of global warming

The skeleton in human beings has many functions. One Function is locomotion

What is meant by ”locomotion?

State TWO OTHER function of the skeleton

State TWO reasons why locomotion is important to human beings?

George is involved in a vehicular accident, which caused injury to the tendons and ligaments in the leg

What is the function of EACH of the following in the leg



Complete the statement below by choosing the correct word from the list provided in brackets.

(motor, sensory, central, spinal, peripheral)

The nervous system, consisting of the brain and spinal cord, is known as the______ nervous system, while the _________ nervous system is made up of the paired cranial nerves and the ______ nerves.

Melissa and her parents are involved in a vehicular accident. Upon recovery, Melissa is having difficulty remembering things, while her father is unable to maintain his balance.

Suggest the region of the brain that may have been damaged for:


Melissa’s father

Name the organ that produces oestrogen. ________________________________________________________

State TWO functions of oestrogen in the human female. ________________________________________________________

A newborn baby shows severe growth deficiencies, believed to be caused by the mother’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Suggest the name of the disease with which the baby is born.

Name ONE other drug that could cause babies to be underweight at birth. _________________________________________________

What is meant by EACH of the following terms?



State the number of chromosomes that are found in muscle cells of humans. _______________________________________________________

State what is meant by the term ‘hormones’.

State ONE function of EACH of the following hormones:



Name the gland that produces adrenaline.

Humans reproduce sexually while some organisms like the amoeba reproduce asexually.

Your friend, Reeza, believes that the major disadvantage of sexual reproduction in humans is the time and energy it takes to find a mate.

Convince Reeza of the advantages of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction. Your answer should include a definition and TWO advantages of sexual reproduction.

State ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage of EACH of the following:

Sexual reproduction



Asexual reproduction



Give TWO examples of asexual reproduction

Researchers have developed a new contraceptive that targets the lining of the uterus. The ‘old’ contraceptive functions by preventing ovulation, thus tricking the body into believing that it is pregnant.ction.

What is the relationship between estrogen and ovulation?

What is the role of the lining of the uterus in pregnancy?

Pregnancy among teenage girls is on the increase.

Explain TWO disadvantages of very young teenage girls becoming pregnant.
Sometimes spontaneous abortion occurs during pregnancy. Explain what is meant by ‘spontaneous abortion’.

Define the term ‘active transport’.

State ONE part of the body where active transport occurs.

Name the part of the cell where active transport takes place.

Complete the following sentences using the correct word from the list provided in brackets.

(evaporates, condenses, evaporation, condensation)

Contaminated water is harmful to one’s health. Name TWO agricultural activities that may cause water pollution. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

The Ministry of Health advises that after severe flooding, drinking water should be boiled. Name TWO water-borne diseases

Homeostasis plays an important part in all body functions.

Define the term ‘homeostasis’.

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