Social Studies CXC Paper 1 Practice Questions

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Social Studies is primarily concerned with the study of people, their activities and relationships, as they interact with one another and with their physical and socio-cultural environment in an effort to meet their needs (to live and to make a living). It is essentially the study of human group experiences.

This quiz contains questions on topics such as family, the structure of government, Caricom and much more. Majority of the questions were obtained from Cxc past papers.

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Social Studies

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A large number of people in a country are unemployed rearing animals. However there was a drastic change in the demand for beef replace for the demand for chicken. Lots of people who reared are now unemployed. This type of employment is refereed to as?

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Which of the following is MOST likely to result from rising level of unemployment in a country ?

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Which of the following practices would most likely increase the risk of a person contracting AIDS?

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Which of the following countries is the OECS Secretariat located?

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What is the name given to a group formed by children of all the same age?

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Which types of institution are usually responsible for provision of food clothing and shelter in the society

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Which of the family functions are parents performing when they insist that children show respects for the property of others?

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A person leaving is own country to settle in another country is:

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The type of care associated with elderlt care is

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The custom of marrying outside a community, clan, or tribe is called endogamy?

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Another name for marriage is ?

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When was the Caribbean Community established?

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A country that has a presidents as it head of state is known as

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Which of the following is NOT a reason for marital failure?

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The term "kinship" implies

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Sexual intercourse between close relatives is known as ?

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What is natural gas mainly used for in the Caribbean?

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Which of the following is not a process of socialization?

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Which of the following is an example of leisure activities?

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The price of a good usually falls when:

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How many generation would one expect to find in a nuclear family?

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The term used when a couple resides with the wife parents is called?

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Which of the following BEST describes characterizes of a primary group?

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Paul is the captain of his school's chess club. At meeting, he allows members to make whatever decisions they want. what leadership style is he displaying?

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Premarital sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptive among young people results in all the following EXCEPT

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Which of the following does NOT result from industrial development in the caribbean

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In which of the following countries is proportional representation used to elect government

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Which of the following characteristics of a population would not be recorded in a census:

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Brothers and sister living alone in an/a

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The institution of government which is responsible for making policy decision to be adopted by the country is the

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Identify the island which does not belong to CARICOM?

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The treaty which lead to the establishment of CARICOM is an example of

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Which of the following is NOT usually associated with educational institution?

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The ” First past the post system is:

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John and Mary recently married, now lived with john's parents. This entire family maybe described as?

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Which of the following is non-renewable resources?

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Procreation is the term used for?

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A woman that has more than one husband is called:

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A national Budget has a deficit when expenditure is

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which of the following is the last link in the chain of distribution of a goods?

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A budget has a surplus when expenditure is

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Which of the following group does not consists mostly of third world countries?

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In which of the following countries is the headquarter of CARDI located?

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what is bilateral agreement?

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On average, a baby born in X 1966 will live for 50 years..
The statement above refers to

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An excess of birth over death is called ?

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____________ is when duties and responsibilities follow the male and female lines of descent.

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Which of the following is based on exploiting nonrenewable natural resources?

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The term pre-martial means?

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In a constitutional monarchy, the political party leader of the victorious party becomes:

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The offence of marrying someone while already married to another person is called?

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Carifta came into being on

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Migration of skilled people from a country is referred as:

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All of the following are organization connected to CARICOM except

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In which country is the Caribbean Secretariat located?

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The concepts of "push and pull" are associated with

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the percentage of people within a specific group

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A female who is the head of the household is called:

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Common law unions are also called?

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A national Police force has responsibility of

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The body of law which governing a country is referred to as the :

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The West minister Model of government has its roots in ___________

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In which of the following family types are cultural traditional passed from older members to children MOSTLY easily

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___________ is the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society

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Which of the following is an example of a producer goods?

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What does population density means :

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Maxine Lewis lives with her unmarried father and mother The type of union can BEST be describe as

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Which of the following methods of fishing is MOST damaging to the eco-system?

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Another name for betrothal is ?

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Which of the following is the least desired among family members?

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