Office Administration

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Office Adminstration

Photocopying machines can perform all of the functions except

A printed pamphlet which describes goods for a sale is called?

Which of the following is NOT a source of information on job opportunities

Files which are no longer in use and placed in storage are referred to as

An organization chart shows the

Which type of office layout encourages more efficient teamwork

The main DISADVANTAGE of oral communication is there is no

The clerk in the human resources office is responsible for

WHICH Of the following should be used to obtain postage rates?

which of the following pieces of computer hardware is an output device?

Which of the following terms is used to describe a committe which has been set up to to deal with a specific matter

In the business of a sole trader the decision of what to purchase is usually made by the

In a cash book, all monies received are indicated as a

Which of the following services are functions performed by the general office

On receipt of an incoming letter, the mail clerk's first action should be to

Which of the following items would be included in a memorandum

Which flow of communication gives employees the opportunity to ask questions and make complaints

Which of the following would a receptionist used to record information about visitors to a firm ?

When the 24- hour clock is showing 18:30 hours, the time on the 12 hour clock is

A businessman is traveling to a country which is one hour ahead of the time in his country. If the plane departs at 12:00 noon and the flight takes one hour and fifteen minutes, what time will it be when he arrives at his destination

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