Social Studies Essay Questions

by Powell

A consumer is a person or a group who intends to order, or uses goods, products, or services primarily for personal, social, family, household, and similar needs, Individual consumer and business consumer benefits from the uses of credit and debit card

Two ways in which Credit and debit cards influence consumer demands for goods and services is you get to pay back the money within a time period, able to buy many goods and services at once, you do not have to use your money for particular goods or services.

          Three strategies consumers may use to protect themselves when using debit and credit card is to cover your PIN when using the ATM machine, Always check your receipt to see if the money is right withdraw from your account that you paid for the goods or services. Set up internet banking to check on your account activity.

         These strategies are successfully because you minimize the chance of a person duplicating your card, checking your receipt after purchasing goods and services enables you to fix the problem e.g. if more than the amount of money for the goods is withdrawn from your account. Online banking enables you to check your account activity and balance regularly at any time and anywhere.

Regional Integration: The Experiences of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

Write an essay on the above topic. Begin your essay by stating TWO objectives of the OECS. Next, describe TWO similarities that promote cooperation among the member countries of the OECS. Give ONE reason difficulties may arise in pursuing integration among OECS member countries. Suggest, giving full details, THREE strategies that OECS Heads of Government may use to educate citizens about the benefits of co-operation among the countries. Explain fully why EACH strategy would be successful.


You are the guest speaker at a regional integration conference in your country. You are asked to give a speech on the impact globalisation and trade liberalisation have on regional integration and the country in general. You should explain the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation and trade liberalisation, by using examples in the Caribbean.

Write an article on the “Factors Which Affect Tourism in the Caribbean. 

” In your article, first state THREE factors which hinder the development of tourism in the Caribbean. Next, give THREE reasons why it is important for Caribbean countries to diversify the tourist industry in the region, using terms such as economic linkage & economic leakage.  Finally, suggest THREE strategies for obtaining funding to diversify the tourist industry in the region and explain why EACH of these strategies would work.

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