Agriculture Science Paper 2 Exam Past Paper Questions

by Powell

what is meant by the term ‘photoperiodism’?

(ii) Name TWO crops that are affected by photoperiodism.

(b) Describe TWO methods of applying fertilizers to crops.

For EACH method, give an example of a crop to which the fertilizer is applied.

(c) Explain EACH of the following:(i) THREE methods by which organic manure improves soil fertility.

(ii) THREE ways in which soil fertility may be affected by water-logged conditions.

(iii) THREE benefits of applying lime to the soil.

  • (i) list FOUR techniques which may be used in the vegetative propagation ofornamental plants.

(ii) Explain THREE advantages of vegetative propagation.

(b) Farmer rosy, on checking her yam field, notices that the growth of her crop is very poor. The extension officer informs her that the problem is due to improper land preparation and improper selection and treatment of the yam planting materials. Advise farmer rosy on the proper management practices that must be done for EACH of the following activities:

  • Land preparation

Selection and treatment of planting material.

Define the term ‘ land capability class’.(ii) List FOUR land capability classes.

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