5 Best Test Taking Tips

by Powell

Test Tips

Taking an exam can be stressful, although you had prepared for it
Below 5 tips are listed on how to relax before taking a test.

  1. Relax Before you take the test/quiz, take a deep breath. Be confident in your ability to do a great job on the quiz. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts and get ready to focus your attention on the exam. Breathe in, hold and slowly exhale, this will help you to remove the stress you’re feeling.

2. Skim the quiz. Read through the problems to get a feel of the quiz. It will let you know what problems are on the quiz and what to expect. It will also let you know in what order you should complete the problems.

3. Do the easy problems first. Since you have read through the problems, you know which problems are hard and which problems you can attempt. . This will also help increase your confidence in your exam abilities. 

4. Do the hard problems. Once you have solved the easy problems, you can take time to solve the hard problems. You can spend more time carefully answering the more difficult problems. Again, you will feel more confident because you have already answered other questions on the exam. You will gain confidence will help you answer the hard questions.

5. Check your work. Look over all of your answers. Make sure you did not make any grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. Even check the answers to the easy problems. Lastly, check if you answered every problem.

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