What Should You NOT Do Before An Exam

by Powell

  1. Do not Put off studying until the last minute.
  2. Over-cramming notes the night before the exam.
  3. Over-caffeinating the night before the exam.
  4. Not taking adequate notes during class session.
  5. Do not eat junk food: eating unhealthy food can make you feel drowsy and lazy.

NOTE: Important tips you should keep inconsideration

  • Don’t study for long hours. Take breaks whether to go out with your friends to eat ice cream or at the park.
  • Don’t be nervous or stress that you have spent some free time to have fun
  • Avoid last-minute heavy preparation.Do not try to learn formulas or long paragraph of information, ths will confuse you and let you forget other informaton that you have studied.
  • Don’t burden yourself. Relax your self and repeat positive affirmation that you will pass your exam..
  • Social media/ distractions. Avoid checking your phone atleast an hour before your exam. going on social media and watching other person’s life will make you feel stress especially if you see someone in the latest shoe that you want but your parents cant afford to buy it..

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