Social Studies Exam Guideline

by Powell

Multiple choice (60 questions)

Paper 2 consists of

An essay paper made up of 10 questions in three sections.
You must answer five questions.
Section A – This section consists of three questions. You must answer two questions. Each question is divided into a number of parts. Your responses should be the form of short answers. All short answers must written in complete sentences.
Section B – This section consists of four questions. Two questions on Development and Use of Resources (part 1)
Two questions on regional integration (part 2) You must answer two questions. One on Development and Use of Resources.
One on Regional integration. Your responses should be written in the form of short answers and extended essays. Section C – This section consists of three questions.
One from each of the three options:
Consumer Affairs
You must answer one question from this section.        

School-Based Assessment (SBA) component comprising an individual report on a group or (SBA) individual project

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