How many paragraphs should be in a summary?

by Powell

Keep your summary clean and to the point. To do this Eliminate redundancies or repetitive text to keep your paragraph clear and concise. A summary is written in your own words, but you should NOT add your own opinion. A summary contains only the ideas of the original text. A summary is basically the shorter text version of a long article that you sum up.

For eg Ann went to Paris and her friends ask her how was the Justin Bieber concert. NB: Instead of explaining all the details from when Ann wake to the time she go to the show. You can just summarize it like

Ann take a shower and leave home at 7, when she arrive at the show, the place was full of people, and the music echo through the roof. luckily, she got a back stage pass from one of my cousin. As Justin Bieber come on the stage in his Air force sneakers, White pants and a Armani X shirt, the crowd scream and camera start flashing. Ann was so excited, Justin then began to sing, then a few minutes later, he call her up on stage. her face expression looks like she was about to faint, she was super nervous and fill with excitement its like she was dreaming. It was the best night of her life.

117 words

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